Behaviour change never sticks.

Investments in behaviour and culture change rarely create long-term impact.​

The result? Senior leaders think you can’t change culture. HR aren’t respected. Budgets and resource are cut.​

We refused to believe it needs to be this way…


People who know better don't do better.

Most methods upskill people and motivate them to change. The assumption? If people know better, they’ll do better.​

But that’s not how human behaviour works.

Doing the right thing requires attention and willpower (which are limited). Once they run out, things go back to the way they were.


To last, culture change must be effortless.

Long-standing behaviour change can’t rely on willpower. New behaviours only stick when they become effortless habits.​

We need a paradigm shift. Instead of maximising motivation, we must make the right behaviour the easiest one.

We must create the conditions that make the right behaviour inevitable. When this happens, behaviour change lasts.

What we do:

We turn your company values into effortless habits.

Top universities have uncovered the science of habits and automatic behaviour. It’s even been successfully applied elsewhere.

We’re the first to specialise in applying this science to shift behaviour and culture.


Longer lasting change for less time, money, and effort.

Longer lasting.
Create more sustainable changes that aren’t reliant on people’s motivation or willpower.

Reduce reliance on sceptics.​
Require less buy-in from sceptics who want change, but won’t invest effort.

Time and budget saved.​
Break free from the vicious cycle of investing more, but only creating short-term impact.

Stronger credibility.​
Change culture without the ‘touchy feely’ stuff loathed by many.



What people say

“Charismatic, super listening skills and a real soft challenge back attitude. Made me think differently to specifics within my role… The whole process was a real refreshing approach and very helpful.”

Session delegate

“You have a fantastic way of making wooly stuff really practical and useful”

Session delegate

“This is an astounding piece of work, I really am in awe!”

Group Leader – Leadership and Talent

Research Company

“I wish all consultants were like you!”

Culture Design Session Delegate


“This has been one of the best days I’ve spent in this business.”

Culture Design Session Delegate

Global Retail Organisation

“Loved working with Click – credible, trustworthy and delivered above and beyond on every promise. Click are incredibly passionate and knowledgeable about what they do and built a great partnership with us – I feel like they are now an extension of our team!”

Development Lead

Global Retail Organisation

“It has been great working with the Click team on our new behaviour framework. They work at pace and deliver to a very high standard. They bring great expertise and have really helped us to create something which works for a complex, global organisation.”

Head of Leadership and Culture

Global Retail Organisation

“You have done an amazing job building something for our unique world”

Head of Training


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