We’d had enough of buzzwords and bullsh*t.​

Most consultancies make big promises to ‘transform’, ‘unleash’, ‘reinvent’, and ‘reimagine’.

Let’s face it, this is bullsh*t.​

Organisations and their people don’t need to be ‘reinvented’. They just need simple solutions built to solve their problems. Solutions that just Click.


Think cult classic, not bestseller.

We want to remain a small, freethinking business that breaks away from norms to find better ways to change culture. We won't be for everyone (and that's OK).

We want to stay focused on…

Our people.

We want every person who joins Click to leave us better off than they came in.

Your people.

We want every person impacted by our work to leave better off for it. 


We want every client and partner to love working with us.


We help the HR leader who refuses mediocrity.

The businesses we help?

We support medium to large UK businesses across sectors. Typically, businesses have tried and failed to change behaviour before. 

Thankfully, they have a HR leader on the lookout for better ways to develop culture (that’s you).

The needs we address?

“We want to boost engagement, retention, or productivity.”

“There’s a gap between our values and what people actually do.”

“Our culture isn’t supporting business performance.”

“Our investments in culture create short-term momentum, but don’t change things long-term.”

Our People

Behaviour and culture change experts who give a damn.

We have a small core team and a handful of specialist associates. This helps us protect our quality and keep costs low.

  • Matt Furness

    Matt Furness

    Founder & Director

  • Sundas Aslam

    Sundas Aslam

    Marketing Assistant

  • Andika Reksodiputro

    Andika Reksodiputro

    Junior Consultant

  • Christian Wheeler

    Christian Wheeler


  • Clare Radford

    Clare Radford

    Associate Consultant

  • Andrew Whyatt-Sames

    Andrew Whyatt-Sames

    Associate Consultant

  • Lucy Dupre

    Lucy Dupre

    Associate Consultant

  • Jeremy Lowen

    Jeremy Lowen

    Associate Consultant

  • Aleksandra Hertelendi

    Aleksandra Hertelendi

    Associate Consultant


We care most about kindness, impact, and dependability.

  • Kindness trumps niceness.

    We prioritise being kind, even when it’s hard.

  • Less push, more purpose.

    We bravely stay focused on impact, instead of becoming busy fools.

  • We got you.

    We do what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.

Our Broader Impact

We believe businesses have a duty to serve society and the planet.

Each year, we select a charity or cause to support free of charge.

We minimise our environmental impact, by limiting printed materials and travel.

We donate £120 per month to to six charities: Médecins Sans Frontières, Oxfam, 52 Lives, The Humane League, GOSH, and Shelter. This will increase as we grow.

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